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Welcome to Univant Corporation

Univant Corporation; Helping you and your company with a Unified Vantage Point into your data. We specialize in Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Integration, and Dashboard applications. Using a blend of Free and Open Source solutions as well as Commercial and Professional applications where applicable, we help you achieve best Business Intelligence implementation ROI. Our development practices ensure you have a robust and maintainable solution, maximizing the return on your investment in one of your companies most important assets; your data.

We are available on-site and remotely, as well as for short term and long term projects. Our Best Practices approach and proven development methodology ensures your best chance at a successful implementation, and maintainability over the long haul. If you would like more information, take a moment to fill out or "Get in Touch" form and we will get back to you directly to discuss your needs, and how we can help you.


Easy to Start

With Univant Corporation, starting a new project or engagement is as easy as giving us a call or dropping us an email. We have many years of Business Intelligence projects across a variety of industries. Our US-Based developers are able to quickly learn and integrate into your business.

The way to start a project is as easy as;

1 - Give us a call at (305)783-6939 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2 - Schedule an information meeting

3 - Gather and sign of on the project startup documentaionn:

  • SOW
  • NDA
  • Engagement Contract


Answering the following questions will help you determine how we might help you; 

  1. What is the project type?  
    • New report development
    • Report Corrections & Improvements
    • Report Integration
  2. What are your deliverable constraints?
    • Deliverable time frame
    • Project budget
    • Deliverable method
  3. What are your ongoing maintenance requirements?
    • KT and pass-on
    • Support agreement

Training & Support

Univant Corporation can give you and your team a full range of training on BIRT, Tableau, Open Text Analytics, and many more Business Intelligence and Analytics applications. We use a combination of Skype and Video-Based training to allow for maximum flexibility to create a training program specifically to suit your needs and maximize your time efficiently. Additionally we offer on-site training and mentoring.

Here are a couple of free videos, we have more on a paid download basis. The paid videos are customized to your needs. 


Great docs & support

Univant Corporation provides comprehensive documentation packages, with every project we do for you. We also have How-To documents available from our website, covering a variety of standard (and not so standard) BIRT and other Business Intelligence development efforts. We also provide custom BIRT Templates and reusable Library Components to help you better manage your BIRT development efforts. 

In addition to our documentation, we also have ongoing support for everything we do for you. See more information on our Documentation and Support section here


Get in touch

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