Open Source Business Intelligence

Univant Corporation is committed to helping you get the most out of your data assets, creating compelling visualizations and relevant reports. Utilizing our Best Practices approach to report development, your projects will run smoother, be more robust and maintainable, and provide long-term utilization.  

We are available on-site and remotely, as well as for short term and long term projects.

Business Intelligence trends and outlook for 2017 show Agile BI and BI Self service having a strong focus. At Univant Corporation, we strive to deliver highly interactive product in the most efficient, agile-centric way.

Fall Special!

Get a free 1 hour consultation to help you evaluate which Information Systems could save you time and boost profitability. We will install Dashboard and Information Delivery System FREE for 30 days. Go to our "BI Project Request" form to request a quick 15 minute analysis. 

The installation offer is for new clients only, and includes 2 hours evaluation and setup. Additional hours, if needed will be discounted if you purchase the system.

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